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What are the benefits of website positioning?

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Improved visibility of the website

you gain a higher search engine position and competitive advantage.

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Dostęp do większej liczby użytkowników

Access to more users

more customers visit your website, and you build trust.

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Gotowe wskazówki

Profit for the company and savings

the investment in positioning pays off, and you can count on long-term results.

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What do our positioning services involve?

Content optimisation

  • we perform a detailed analysis of texts, including key phrases,
  • optimise content, metadata, H1, H2 and H3 headers and internal linking,
  • check the website for content copy,
  • eliminate content cannibalisation of subpages of the website
  • analyse the internal linking of the website.

Technical optimisation

  • we ensure the correct structure of the website,
  • remove SEO-unfriendly techniques,
  • check URL addresses to make them search engine friendly,
  • carry out a website speed test and check its responsiveness,

Technical optimisation, cont.

  • improve current redirects or add new search engine friendly ones.
  • we ensure that graphics have the right attributes and load faster,
  • implement on the page the iframe with the company's location on Google Maps,
  • fix errors that hinder or prevent the indexation of the site or its part.

Link Building

  • we write and publish content marketing articles on quality websites,
  • set up business pages in significant company catalogues and industry websites linking to the client's website
  • create or update Google My Business and add entries,
  • build the company's image on the web by creating entries,
  • submit the company into SEO catalogues,
  • set up, configure and maintain a blog,
  • set up a fan page and manage communication in social media,
  • install add-ons for your accounts on social media.


  • we add the website to Google Search Console,
  • add the website to Google Analytics,
  • analyse the website’s statistics.
  • check the position of key phrases,
  • check the website's visibility on Google.

We ensure:

Dedicated mentor

Dedicated mentor

  • they will monitor the results of your website,
  • be at your disposal and provide explanations every day.
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Phrase and visibility monitoring

Phrase and visibility monitoring

  • you can access detailed data,
  • you can follow the results of our work.
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Comiesięczny raport

Monthly report

  • here, you will find key data on the progress of our activities,
  • you have complete control over the entire process.
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